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Slack 'n' Me

--> 2007: My first tussle with Slackware 12.0

Enthusiastic about using Linux for the first time, I call up a friend who comes to help me set up my Slackware installation. Too bad, the Marvell PATA controller and the Jmicron controller give him a hard time. From kernel panics rendering the installation procedure virtually unusable to the media not being recognized, errors keep on coming. Depressed and defeated I give up trying to install Slackware 12.0.

Late 2007: New Slackware, renewed enthusiasm.

Slackware 12.1, which I referred to as the GOD of all operating systems, finally works on my system, flawless setup indeed. Thus I begin this rewarding journey.

Late 2007: Slackware 12.1

My brother/friend advices me that I start with KDE Desktop Environment. I soon master KDE 3.5, still completely new to Linux, I decide to read some of my dad's old Unix Manuals. They increase my knowledge about the structure and functioning of Unix. I apply the same to Slackware. I find its trans…

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